About Us

Simple. Timeless. Beautiful.

Created in 2020 by Lisa Collins, Il Mare is a collection of thoughtfully designed and consciously crafted garments of the highest quality.


Italians call it “il mare'' and for us, the sea provides boundless inspiration. From its simplicity, texture and movement to effortless elegance and humble beauty.


When we are by the sea, we feel at ease, confident and comfortable. To be amongst sand, water and sun is happiness in its purest and most natural form.


We love the notion that the sea is always with us, in some capacity, whether or not we are within its reach.


We don’t believe in trends, instead we focus on fashioning clothes that stand the test of time.


We love luxury but not at a cost to the environment which is why we turn our hands to recycled and ethically sourced fibres and fabrics with the intention of minimising waste and the impact on our earth.


With our small team based in Sydney, we are proudly Australian and Australian-made.